Name Added by Description
Checklist for Teaching Global Competence eleighty This worksheet from the Asia Society provides a one-page "checklist" for planning new global units, and is recommended for use in combination with PBL, Inquiry Design, and any other global learning experiences.
Dec 27th, 2011
Design and Assessment of Global Learning J.D.Klein This presentation, given at Appleby College in January, 2012, explores a variety of curricular design and assessment approaches appropriate to global learning.
Jan 18th, 2012
Educating for Global Competence: Preparing our Youth to Engage the World (Asia Society) J.D.Klein This excellent publication by Asia Society includes a breakdown of their "domains of global competency," as well as many excellent planning and assessment rubrics for global educators.
Jan 28th, 2016
Four Global Competency Matrices J.D.Klein This document contains four diverse global competency matrices for use in developing programming, assessment rubrics, and goals for global educational programming.
Apr 18th, 2013
Global Education Checklist J.D.Klein The Global Education Checklist was created by the American Forum for Global Education and can be a helpful tool for measuring the current state of global learning across any school.
Jun 6th, 2013
World Savvy: Components of Global Competency J.D.Klein World Savvy offers teachers an excellent schematic for both curricular design and assessment of global learning.
Nov 12th, 2011