Name Added by Description
40 Maps that Will Help You Make Sense of the World J.D.Klein This incredible collection of world maps from Twisted Sifter includes a map of internet use by time of day, and several others which would be excellent for classroom use.
Aug 24th, 2013
America's Mood Map J.D.Klein This fascinating interactive map, featured in Time on October 22, 2013, offers insights into the personality styles most suited to the culture of different states--and links to a test where students and teachers can test themselves to see where they belong. This is a great tool for any classroom trying to deconstruct beliefs across the United States.
Oct 24th, 2013
Global Gender Gap Index 2013 J.D.Klein Fascinating map on the gender gap across the world, designed to look like a heat map. Based on 2013 data.
May 7th, 2014
LifeHack World Map Collection J.D.Klein Excellent new collection of world maps for the global classroom.
Dec 1st, 2013
Map of What World Leaders Studied J.D.Klein This great map shows the degree focus of the world's most important leaders.
Jan 13th, 2014
Maps of the World J.D.Klein A unique collection of world maps for use in the classroom. Please note that several are filled with value judgements and assumptions, all of which should be processed with students in your class.
Jul 25th, 2011
Maps of War J.D.Klein This remarkable website allows students to see a visual representation of history and the spread of ideas which has led to so many global conflicts.
Jun 7th, 2012
The Guardian: Refugee Map of the World J.D.Klein The Guardian offers a variety of data-driven interactive tools for educators, including this excellent map which traces refugee patterns across the world.
Aug 13th, 2012
Underwater Cables vs Trade Routes J.D.Klein This link contains a film about the underwater cables laid all over the planet, as well as comparative visuals of older maps of trade routes on the planet.
Feb 17th, 2016