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Primary Level Partnership Requests from New Schools in Sierra Leone

Posted by J.D.Klein on 1 Aug 2016

World Leadership School was contacted this summer by a several schools who had heard of our work to partner students in Bumpe's schools with young people in North America. After polling their teachers, they have offered this list of partnership requests for elementary teachers in North America.

Please contact Jennifer at to request an introduction for a specific partnership.

  • Elizabeth Brewah - Head of Schools for We Yone Child Foundation a non-for-profit organization based in Sierra Leone. Partnering with a school from North America can bring good relationship and also give our children hope for a better tomorrow. In this we can create the following, a Pen- Pal programme, volunteerism, schools exchange in other to allow cultural transfer and exchange, training on educational systems and ethics, and the sharing of ideas and resources through any available means.
  • Mohamed Anthony Kamara – Head teacher at We Yone Primary School George Brook community Sierra Leone. I will love to partner with teachers of 6th grade and head teachers for the development and acquisition of new ideas for both teachers and pupils if offered the opportunity to go to their country, vice versa. To be aided with learning materials to break the chain of poverty in our country and the community in which we operate through quality and sustainable education.
  • Murray Sam Dugba -Teacher at We Yone primary school kroobay community Freetown sierra Leone I may like to partner with your school at North America i am presently teaching grade six (6).The reason why I want to partner with one of your teacher is because I want to learn more from my colleagues teacher there. I will be very grateful if my partnership extend at your school there. I hope to receive my reply back in a very possible time.
  • Osman Bito kamara –Head Teacher We Yone Primary school KrooBay ,I am teaching grade 3 and I will like to partner with teachers of North America who teachers the same level. The reason is that, if I partner with those teachers I will learn from them and I will be able to implement the methods of teaching that they implement in their schools and will help me to learn new methods of teaching to my pupils.
  • Joseph Kargbo- teacher in charge of class three (3) at Temple of Faith Primary School, Gorgeg Brook I will like to partner with class three(3) teacher in your school in North America so that we can know their system of learning and my pupil will know as well. And also try to know their language
  • Edna Boyle. I am a teacher at Temple of faith primary school George Brook community, Freetown. I am a class two (2) teacher I want to partner with teacher in the North American. My purpose why I want to partner is because I need more knowledge and skills to learn new ideas from you. My role in school I am the head teacher, I am please waiting for a good reply
  • Brima, I am a Teacher teaching in the Temple of faith primary school George brook community level six ( 6). I would like to partner with the same level teacher in North America so that we can work together to share ideas and knowledge to get effective teaching in the school. The techniques also need to be shared so that the people would have understanding teaching comparing to international school. I thank u all for accepting me.
  • Joshua A.K Dumbuya a teacher of We Yone Primary school George Brook. As a teacher of this institution, I would like to be partner with a teacher in North America in the school living system. Because of the method and system of teaching to be in the same level in classroom management methodology of teaching skills in classroom so that the system of learning in North America and ours would be in an average of learning.
  • Wuya Senesie a Nursery teacher at the Temple of Faith Primary School George Brook. I would like to partner with a nursery teacher in North America because i would be delighted if we share knowledge together with your own Nursery teaching in north America and i want my nursery class here in sierra leone to be part of the nursery teaching so that they can know more.
  • Mary Davies a teacher at We Yone Primary School George Brook teaching Grade 1 (one) pupils. I would like to partner with a teacher in North America school so that I can acquire more ideas and share them with my pupils in the same level as yours. I would be very much delighted if my request is approve thank u.
  • Hawa Kargbo, I am a teacher at Temple of faith Primary School George Brook Community. Am teaching level one (1) pupils in my school. I would like to partner with a teacher in the same level as mine in your school in North America so that I can gain more ideas and knowledge and share it with my pupils in my class for effective teaching in class.

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